At Network Programming Solutions Limited (NPS) we believe in providing solutions! Therefore, we bring a unique approach to our Services by starting out with an evaluation of your business needs.

About us

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Our Services

At NPS we offer a whole range of Services; the advantage of working with NPS is that we work with our clients from a consultative perspective. We are completely objective with our clients' best interests in mind because of our flexible solutions offering. We understand the value of being a provider that can deliver LAN/WAN integration, Network Security, voice services, all with a superior level of expertise; we always give out the best of services to our clients while minimizing costs.

Spending time up front learning your business helps us demonstrate ways to maximize your technology investment while offering a solution the will fit both today and tomorrow. You will avoid confusion and find that planning your future doesn’t have to be hard and frustrating.

We will bring in new resources and solutions to you while offering a product and delivery mechanism second to none, below are some of our services we offer.

·Pure IP Telephony from the world leaders of IP Telephone Technologies

·IP Video Surveillance for local and remote monitoring

·Data Security and Authentication from RSA Security

·Wireless Networking (WLAN)